Boxing Up Your Life MovingBoxes

Is everything basically all ready for the big move? Checklists have been made, things you don’t want to bring to the new house have been chucked and now it’s time to start  packing up what’s left and haul out! Has the cost of boxes been considered? A lot of the time when moving, boxes are the forgotten factor. It can be a huge expense!!!

The best solution and the greenest solution is to invest in reusable boxes. They are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be used up to 400 times.  Not only is it good for the planet the plastic is sturdier that cardboard making the pack and move a lot less frustrating.  Now, most people usually don’t want to own hundreds of moving boxes. The beauty of cardboard is they can be folded up and thrown away when the move is concluded. Some people consider that wasteful and bad for the environment. Well, there’s a solution for that too! There are companies that can help with these box issues. These companies will deliver reusable boxes to your home before the move and pick them up when they are all unpacked, for the same price or cheaper that buying cardboard boxes. If preserving the environment isn’t a priority during the move, there are companies that do the same for cardboard boxes. Try to hook up with a company whose profit supports the Eco system.

Those are green solutions but there are also free solutions. Even better than buying boxes, plastic or cardboard, are free boxes. There is a goldmine of free boxes in any neighborhood that are being totally overlooked.  Firstly ask friends. They may have moved or just gotten a delivery of food, clothes or books and are looking for a place to unburden their boxes. Also ask them to be on the lookout and save any boxes they come across that may come in handy. Let  friends know way in advance so a great box collection can be started early.

Check out local bookstore and groceries. They have plenty of boxes coming in daily and may be glad to get rid of some. Discount 99c stores and toy stores also have large shipments every week which include large boxes that could be very useful. Don’t be afraid to drive around and ask. The worse thing that could happen is they say no, but the best thing that could happen is saving  quite a sum of money. People have been known to be successful at liquor stores but if shipping via UPS or USPS, they may not allow to ship those boxes even if the contents don’t contain alcohol, so those are best used for U-Haul trucks and by car. If you work in an office or a school, scout around for office supply deliveries and scores those boxes. It’s also wise to check Craigslist. While listing on there may not always be free, they are in the lowest price range for boxes.

Another source of boxes: FedEx, Kinko’s and Staples.  Head into the nearest store and ask in advance when their next paper supply drop will be. Give them personal  information and request them to hold onto the boxes for you. Copy paper boxes are large and sturdy but be sure to pick them up as soon as possible on delivery day as they are in high demand and may give them away! Walmart is also a great spot to score some free boxes. Midnight is the best time to swing by there, as they are rounding up boxes to take them to the compactor.

Make sure to collect boxes of all different sizes. Not everything needs a large box, like home videos and DVDs are better packed into light small boxes.  If  using movers or a moving company, find out if provided boxes are part of the cost or if they  are willing to negotiate a good deal. Whatever boxes you do get, make sure they are easy to handle and carry, especially if you will not be getting professional help for your move. The last thing you need after collecting all these boxes is to do your back in carrying the first one!

Kandela can save you time and money. Your personal concierge is reachable at any time and can hook you up with the best box deals. There’s no need to run around to grocery stores and Kinkos, or go on a wild goose chase with Craigslist. Kandela will recommend the best companies that deliver good quality boxes of all sizes at no extra cost, as well as companies who will pick them up for you when done. Kandela is here for you and available for all box related questions and concerns.