Managing Your Move: Best Practices

If the hard work of moving is obvious enough, one thing is less obvious – The time factor. When you’re moving, time is at a premium. The more you can get done, and the quicker you can get it done, the easier the move is.
The simplest, and certainly the least stressful, approach is to start doing things and getting organised at least a month before the move.

A few examples:
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DIY Packing Tips That Save

Do it yourself shipping crates – An easy option to contain your move
If there is one thing that gets on everybody’s nerves when moving, and it’s the sheer amount of boxes and stuff that have to be moved around in the process of moving. You can get shipping crates, which are pretty good value in terms of capacity and security for your load, commercially. They will save you plenty of time and money that you can put towards some great TV bundles instead.
You can also make them yourself, if you know how.

Shipping crates are made out of equal lengths of wood. Each side of the shipping crate is assembled separately, simply nailing horizontal lumber to vertical supports. You then simply nail the crate together into a box. Basically, you build a skeleton of a box with 2x4s, and then you nail sheets of plywood to the exterior to seal the edges of the box.
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Change Your USPS Address with Ease

Whether you’re an individual or a business, when you change your address, you really do need to get things right. Missing change of address notifications can be easy when you have too many things to do, right when you’re in the middle of moving.
The best approach is to handle your change of address notifications before you move. If you do this systematically, you’ll find it’s a lot easier and a lot quicker.

First, create a change of address checklist. Go through your contacts and build a list of people and businesses to notify. Make sure that you add their contact details, so you have easy access to this information when you start doing your notifications. If you don’t, then you might have all the right people to contact but no way to easily find their contact information.
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Don’t Get Stuck Without the Services You Need

If you’re looking for better home services, better prices, and would like some help finding everything you need, a concierge service is perfect. Concierge services are one-stop shops for a vast array of different types of home services. These services are experts in their field, and they have a huge knowledge base to help you find everything you want.

These services can deliver:

Top internet providers
Any kind of TV service you want including major supplier packages like DirecTV bundles
Cleaning services
Home automation
Home security

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Move with Kandela Gets You the Deals You Deserve

Most people consider moving hard work, and it is. There’s another side to this situation, though – Have you ever considered that the same people that help you move could also help set up home services, even your internet and TV services?
Puts a different perspective on moving, doesn’t it? This added service option is getting a lot of traction from people in the process of moving. The best moving agents can deliver all services you want in your new place.

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How to Ensure Your Address is Correctly Changed

There is nothing quite like moving into a new home. Everything is an issue. The chances of forgetting to notify people go up with the degree of difficulty involved in moving. The other problem is that there are so many people to notify. Moving a modern householder is quite complex enough without the added “entertainment” of paperwork and the bureaucratic processes.
You can do some notifications of change of address online, but that’s not really the problem. The problem is remembering to notify everybody, and making sure that they actually are notified. The best way to do this is with a moving checklist, listing everybody you really do need to notify of your change of address.

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Ready, Set, Home Services!

The Best Move-in Happens with an Easy Home Services Set Up
When moving, it’s pretty easy to overlook very basic things like notifying home services of your address change. You’re usually so busy that you can’t easily keep track of all the other things you need to do. The best approach is to simply make sure that your change of address notifications are given well ahead of time.
The easiest, and certainly the simplest, way to manage change of address notifications is to simply prioritize your home services. Put them at the top of your change of address checklist, and make sure you send out your notifications early.

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When to Change Your Address

Notifying people of your change of address is critically important. Generally speaking, it’s better to take a little time out to make sure that you’ve got all your changes to address information correct. When you’re moving, you’re usually too busy to want to mess around with paperwork, anyway.
The most important thing about notifying important parties of a change of address is to make absolutely certain that all your notifications are in place before you move. It’s a really good idea to create a change of address checklist, to make sure that you get this done.

It’s actually quite easy to do:

Make a quick list of all people you need to notify, like internet providers, financial institutions, business associates, home services, and insurers, and people you do business with who need to know. Do this first, because you will need to check the list and just make sure everybody is on it.
Next, make a list of friends, relatives, and other personal associates. The truth is that even though you think you’ll remember all those people, you probably won’t. It’s almost inevitable beste online casino that least a couple of people will be off the list unless you think about it beforehand. Continue reading “When to Change Your Address” »

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The Top 3 Services That You Need Right After You Move

When you’re moving, you need to look ahead and think about what you’ll need when you move into your
new place. Most importantly, you need to think about the home services you’ll need.

The most important home services are:

Internet services: The top internet providers are very efficient. It’s pretty easy to get your Internet service hooked up to your new
place. All you need to do is notify them of the date and address, and they’ll have the service up and running for you when you move in. If you really plan ahead, you can even get them to come the same day as the movers, so you get all of your setup done in a single, arduous day. Continue reading “The Top 3 Services That You Need Right After You Move” »

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Is DirecTV The Right Choice For You?

It’s simply stating the obvious to say that DirecTV is a benchmark provider of entertainment. They provide a huge selection of options. They are your easy access to entertainment, anywhere, any time. One of the reasons that DirecTV is so popular with businesses like hotels and other hospitality industry businesses is because of their exceptional flexibility and range of package choices.

Mainstream internet providers can’t deliver this range. Major TV providers don’t offer the scope of package options. DirecTV is a unique provider. So if you’re looking for choices, start with the best, and see if the others can measure up.
The huge advantage for consumers when doing business with a top brand and market leading service provider is that you really do get more access and more options.
DirecTV bundles are a very good place to start when you’re looking for a provider.
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