What Internet Speed Is Right For You?

It can be easy to get carried away when choosing something like the speed of your internet. When you look through your provider’s listings, often going directly to the best DirecTV packages, bypassing the lowest options, you may think that you need the highest-speed package available. After all, you regularly rent movies on iTunes, steam them on Netflix, and keep all of your music and important documents in the cloud. Maybe you just want your Facebook News Feed to refresh at record speed, but do you really need it to?

Choosing The Right Speed For You
Choosing the right internet speed may seem like an easy task, but in reality it isn’t. Many areas offer a huge range of internet speeds, with some that are specifically designed for use by businesses with high uptime requirements. Continue reading “What Internet Speed Is Right For You?” »

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How To Find The Top Internet Providers In Your Area

Are you planning on moving to a new area and trying to find the right service providers to get started with? It can be difficult to figure out who is the best for everything, especially when it comes to your individual needs. Depending on your interests, you may need a specific type of TV service, a specific speed of internet access, or maybe just a postal service that you can count on to find your house on a regular basis. Today, lets just focus on finding the top internet providers near you, and help you to check something off of your moving checklist.
What makes a top internet provider? Depending on your needs, it could be a number of different things. Some of the basics include:
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Don’t Get Stuck Without the Services You Need

If you’re looking for better home services, better prices, and would like some help finding everything you need, a concierge service is perfect. Concierge services are one-stop shops for a vast array of different types of home services. These services are experts in their field, and they have a huge knowledge base to help you find everything you want.

These services can deliver:

Top internet providers
Any kind of TV service you want including major supplier packages like DirecTV bundles
Cleaning services
Home automation
Home security

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The Top 3 Services That You Need Right After You Move

When you’re moving, you need to look ahead and think about what you’ll need when you move into your
new place. Most importantly, you need to think about the home services you’ll need.

The most important home services are:

Internet services: The top internet providers are very efficient. It’s pretty easy to get your Internet service hooked up to your new
place. All you need to do is notify them of the date and address, and they’ll have the service up and running for you when you move in. If you really plan ahead, you can even get them to come the same day as the movers, so you get all of your setup done in a single, arduous day. Continue reading “The Top 3 Services That You Need Right After You Move” »

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    What Separates Great Internet Service Providers from Bad Ones

What Separates Great Internet Service Providers from Bad Ones

Just about everybody changes Internet Service Providers (ISPs), at some time, because of service quality or other issues. It’s worth thinking about the service you’re getting. The best ISPs are real assets, problem solvers and highly supportive when you need help in a hurry.
Good ISPs deliver reliable service, tech support, reliable advice, and information.

“Well, isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?” you ask?
Yes it is, but some ISPs don’t actually deliver. They’re not all that helpful, and you can find out how unhelpful they are when you need service. Change of address is a typical case in point. This simple process is part of their own basic business, and you may have to jump through hoops to simply notify them.
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Finding The Right Internet Provider For You

When you make a move to a new area, one of the things that you will want to set up first is your internet provider. These days, there are a number of options that will likely work for your needs, but it’s important to take the time to find the top internet providers in your area. These providers should have a great balance of price, speed, and reliability.
Coaxial And Fiber-Based Providers
The traditional choice when trying to find an internet provider is to choose one that actually wires their network directly into your home. There are a number of cable providers that use this type of network, and they vary widely depending on where you live, but in general they will offer a great mix of TV, phone, and internet services, either separately or as part of a bundle package, and the speeds will often be higher than their over-the-air competition. If you are in a city or in the suburbs, this will likely be your best option.
Over-The-Air Internet Providers

The other option for internet online casino’s service is to get it over the air. This is a great choice for two reasons. Either you live in a rural setting and have trouble getting any reasonable speeds from the local providers, or you move around a lot and rarely use the internet in your own home.
In a rural setting, it can be very costly for land-based providers to route coaxial or fiber optic cables directly to your home, so it’s very likely that you will be forced to use a less-optimal phone line to get your internet service. Satellite options will be much better in this situation, as you can usually find DirecTV packages that […]

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Installations That You Want in Your Home

Having certain home services installed in your home can be a tedious and frustrating process. Sometimes, it’s difficult to locate the best possible service for your specific need and we get that. At Kandela, we are here to help you and eliminate some of the stress caused by choosing certain installations for your home.

As we move into a new year, more and more individuals are going ‘green’. That is, they are choosing more energy efficient light fixtures, recycling more, or relying on solar power. Many are under the false misconception that going green means spending more money. Well, that’s not the case! Federal and casino online state governments are offering rebates for those who rely on solar energy. So, not only are you saving the environment – but you’re getting money in return for it! All of our solar energy partners are ready and waiting to set up your home.
There are so many TV and Internet providers and it can be a tad overwhelming to choose one. Fortunately, there are several concierges waiting to assist you with this process. Whether you need high-speed, satellite, fiber optic, or cable, we can get it for you. Don’t have time to look around and call customer service agents to learn about their products? No problem! At Kandela, we have individuals who that are ready to assist you with the installation of these home services. Just call or email us and you will be partnered with a concierge who can take care of the installations that you need in your home.

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Is Your Internet Connection Slowing You Down?

One of the most frustrating things that can occur on a daily basis is slow internet connection.  It obstructs our ability to stay connected to family and friends, read the daily news, find essential information needed for school or work and just inhibits our web surfing habits. Internet is used daily and it’s not acknowledged how integral it is to day to day life, until it is inaccessible. There is a humorous saying; “You never really know someone until you put them at a computer with slow internet connection, then they show their true colors.”
Thankfully technology has progressed enough that it is not longer necessary to use dial up modems or wait for someone to stop browsing the web so the phone is available for use. However, despite this technological evolution, internet connections can still slow down and ruin any good browse session, presentation or college paper. So what can be done to avoid this annoyance?
For starters; prioritize. Feel out when the internet speeds starts slowing down and prioritize accordingly. If gaming is using large amounts of data and prohibiting work from being done, finish up the important needs first. Get homework done before TV shows start to download so at least when the internet slows down to the speed of a snail; it isn’t the worst hold back thing in the world.
Install a good virus scan program onto any laptop or desktop that uses internet. With pop up ads and downloads it is hard to tell what exactly is slowing your computer down. Good antivirus software can not only prevent an internet breakdown but also detect and fix any problems.
Switch to a different browser. Some browsers work better than others, depending on the […]

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There is Only Time For High Speed Internet

In this day and age, people want to communicate and they want to do it now. Gone are the days when slow, tedious, dial-up Internet ruled our computers…thankfully. Instead of wasting time waiting around for your computer to connect to the web, high speed internet now allows users to access their favorite web pages in a matter of moments. Whether it be your favorite social media site, or logging on to check the news, high speed Internet makes our lives easier and much more enjoyable.
Many people do not realize that there are several ‘types’ of high speed Internet. Typically, DSL, fiber-optic, satellite, and cable are the heavy hitters. While all of these have several benefits, it is best to do your research before making the big purchase. Oftentimes, fiber casino online optic Internet will run faster than cable Internet because cable users typically share a line with their neighborhood. Fiber optic Internet relies solely on one fiber per household.
As we all know, there are plenty of Internet providers out there to choose from. The difficult task is picking the one that fits your needs – at the most reasonable rate. This tends to be a tiresome activity, however, Kandela is here for you. Setting up home Internet services has never been easier! At Kandela, we have partnerships with the best internet providers on the market.  Give us a call, or submit an inquiry on our website, and we will set you up with the provider that will best fit your needs. The time for high speed Internet is now!

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Setting Up Your Home Office

So, you just landed a new job that allows you to work from home. That’s awesome! Then you look around and realize that you have nowhere to work in your house. Uh oh, looks like it’s time to set up a home office!

Setting up a home office can be a frustrating, yet rewarding, experience. There are several important aspects to focus on
as you design your home office. The first thing that you need to realize is that location is key. You don’t want to work in a loud area of your home and you also don’t want to work somewhere that can be easily casino online distracting. Find a place that is comfortable, quiet, and calm – a place that will allow you to work productively.
When working from home, it is crucial that you are easily accessible to your employer. Find an area in your house where you can set up your laptop, cellphone, printer, fax machine, and any other technological device that you use for communication. While there are plenty of internet providers out there to choose from, having a concierge do it for you will make life that much easier.
Lastly, many people do not consider the importance of ergonomics. Comfort is essential when working from home. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t produce your best work. It’s that simple. That being said; find a chair that fits your body, one that offers proper support and corrects your posture. Consider proper lighting and wrists rests to prevent carpel-tunnel syndrome. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and appropriate ergonomics can help achieve this. If you follow these steps in setting up your home office, you’ll be ready to work in […]

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