Don’t Get Stuck Without the Services You Need

If you’re looking for better home services, better prices, and would like some help finding everything you need, a concierge service is perfect. Concierge services are one-stop shops for a vast array of different types of home services. These services are experts in their field, and they have a huge knowledge base to help you find everything you want.

These services can deliver:

Top internet providers
Any kind of TV service you want including major supplier packages like DirecTV bundles
Cleaning services
Home automation
Home security

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The Top 3 Services That You Need Right After You Move

When you’re moving, you need to look ahead and think about what you’ll need when you move into your
new place. Most importantly, you need to think about the home services you’ll need.

The most important home services are:

Internet services: The top internet providers are very efficient. It’s pretty easy to get your Internet service hooked up to your new
place. All you need to do is notify them of the date and address, and they’ll have the service up and running for you when you move in. If you really plan ahead, you can even get them to come the same day as the movers, so you get all of your setup done in a single, arduous day. Continue reading “The Top 3 Services That You Need Right After You Move” »

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Is DirecTV The Right Choice For You?

It’s simply stating the obvious to say that DirecTV is a benchmark provider of entertainment. They provide a huge selection of options. They are your easy access to entertainment, anywhere, any time. One of the reasons that DirecTV is so popular with businesses like hotels and other hospitality industry businesses is because of their exceptional flexibility and range of package choices.

Mainstream internet providers can’t deliver this range. Major TV providers don’t offer the scope of package options. DirecTV is a unique provider. So if you’re looking for choices, start with the best, and see if the others can measure up.
The huge advantage for consumers when doing business with a top brand and market leading service provider is that you really do get more access and more options.
DirecTV bundles are a very good place to start when you’re looking for a provider.
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What Can You Get With DirecTV Bundles?

Whether you are making a move or you simply want to change your cable TV provider, switching to a satellite option like DirecTV can be a great choice. Unlike cable companies, DirecTV can be installed in your home quickly. With traditional cable providers, you have to worry about someone coming out to lay cable, a process that may take weeks or months. On top of their ability to quickly install a dish onto your home, they also offer a number of extras in their bundle packages that other traditional cable providers simply aren’t able to compete with.

DirecTV bundles come with everything that you normally think of when looking to buy a bundle: cable, internet, and phone service. On top of that, they also have plenty of great options for adding movie channels and other essentials casino to your service. If you are a football fan, then you will love NFL Sunday Ticket, the premier NFL package in the country; also a subscription that is only available on DirecTV.
Getting a great deal on these bundles is simple; all that you have to do is visit the DirecTV website. If you want to get an even better deal, there are a few other things that you can do as well.
Did you know that when you submit a USPS change of address, they mail you plenty of offers for things like DirecTV? These offers often include deals that you might not find by just visiting their website. If you have made a move and are looking to change your cable service as a result, then having these deals when you walk in the door to your new home is essential. Make sure that you fill out […]

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The Joys of DVR in Your Living Room

DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, allows viewers to record, rewind, and essentially control what they watch on television. DVR, depending on the price, should be utilized by anyone who enjoys watching TV and has a multitude of favorite shows or movies. Having DVR in your living is not only enjoyable. but also extremely convenient.

If you have recently moved, you should consider adding DVR to your change of address checklist. As we all know, life can get busy…very busy. DVR allows TV viewers to rest assured that their favorite show is being recorded if they don’t have dgfev online casino time to watch it as it airs. It also allows viewers to pause live television while commercials run – and fast forward through them to their show. Lastly, DVR allows the viewer to enjoy PIP, or picture-in-picture viewing. Picture-in-picture essentially lets the user to watch two live programs at once. The user can swap from one television show to another with ease.
Liven up your living room with DVR on your television. Most, if not all, cable providers offer this brilliant feature and it is clearly worth the purchase if you are an avid TV watcher. Kandela can help you set you up with this home service. Since we are partnered with several cable providers, we can work with you to find the provider that fits your need – at a convenient price. There are no fees involved in our services, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We are always here to help!

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Installations That You Want in Your Home

Having certain home services installed in your home can be a tedious and frustrating process. Sometimes, it’s difficult to locate the best possible service for your specific need and we get that. At Kandela, we are here to help you and eliminate some of the stress caused by choosing certain installations for your home.

As we move into a new year, more and more individuals are going ‘green’. That is, they are choosing more energy efficient light fixtures, recycling more, or relying on solar power. Many are under the false misconception that going green means spending more money. Well, that’s not the case! Federal and casino online state governments are offering rebates for those who rely on solar energy. So, not only are you saving the environment – but you’re getting money in return for it! All of our solar energy partners are ready and waiting to set up your home.
There are so many TV and Internet providers and it can be a tad overwhelming to choose one. Fortunately, there are several concierges waiting to assist you with this process. Whether you need high-speed, satellite, fiber optic, or cable, we can get it for you. Don’t have time to look around and call customer service agents to learn about their products? No problem! At Kandela, we have individuals who that are ready to assist you with the installation of these home services. Just call or email us and you will be partnered with a concierge who can take care of the installations that you need in your home.

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15 Things to Do Besides Spending Hours Setting Up Home Services

As we all know, moving can be quite annoying task. Unfortunately, setting up home services can also add to the initial stress. For example, there are so many TV providers – how can one possibly pick the most affordable, yet effective provider? Allow Kandela to help. When you have a concierge to line you up with the best possible home services, you will have more time to enjoy life.

Here is a list of 15 things to do besides spending hours setting up home services:

Go for a workout
See a movie with your best friend
Treat yourself to a lunch with a loved one
Take your dog for a walk and enjoy the nice weather
Get a haircut
Get a massage
Listen to music and enjoy a glass of wine
Spend quality time with your family
Go fishing
Take a nap (because we all need a good nap)
Read a book
Find a recipe and cook a delicious dinner
Start learning a new language
Write a letter to a friend
Call a family member and catch up

It’s pretty clear that there are many valuable things you could be doing with your time. All of these activities are available to you – if you allow a concierge to set up your home services for you. Kandela can line you up with someone who you can trust to choose the best possible home services for you. It will save you the time, energy, and effort that normally goes into locating these services. Make your life a little bit easier, you deserve it.

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The Things Concierges Are Asked For:

Concierge services vary in their actual service area. While concierges all have one thing in common, doing tasks their clients do not have the time or the expertise for, they also differ in what services they offer. Hotel concierges cover the most ground when it comes to diverse requests. They are required to cover all hotel guests’ requests and that category goes above and beyond room service, restaurant reservations and booking cabs. Even above and beyond, what could be so outlandish? Most people ask for warm towels, a bug free bed and maybe a reservation at a high end restaurant that is impossible to get into without a six month waiting list. Continue reading “The Things Concierges Are Asked For:” »

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Why DirecTV Love Their Customers All Year Round

At this time of year, large companies and entertainment empires, like DirecTV, fill everyone”s minds and surroundings with “Holiday Time Deals” “Holiday Season Specials” and all kinds of promotions. There are up to 80% reductions, price slashing, buy one get one free events and last chance sales. It is seen from retails, to restaurant reservations, cars and entertainment. Tis the season to buy Christmas gifts for family, Hanukah presents for friends and splurge on that perfect outfit for New Years Eve. Continue reading “Why DirecTV Love Their Customers All Year Round” »

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What Can You Use a Concierge For?

A concierge’s main priority is to relieve stress. In today’s society there is a great need to balance a stress free home environment and work place.  There are concierge services for anything imaginable. Whether it’s finding out where the best steak is in the city, or walking the dog when you are out of town, concierges aim to meet every need. Many business professionals, large scale companies and even non working individuals are using concierge services because having an ally to help you with all your responsibilities is priceless. Today, more people have less time for everyday tasks, and many of them are happy to rely on personal concierges, even if it’s just for groceries.
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