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    One Of The Missed Opportunities Of A Move – Changing Your Utility Provider

One Of The Missed Opportunities Of A Move – Changing Your Utility Provider

It seems obvious that when you move, you may have the opportunity to get a better deal on something simple like your cable bill. You may have even factored the increased number of cable providers into your move, and if you’re being honest with yourself you might even say that picking up one of the TV packages with NFL Sunday Ticket was towards the top of your moving checklist.
What most people don’t think about is another great opportunity to make money when they move. You may not realize this, but many times you can actually change your utility provider to another service and save money in the process.

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What Can You Get With DirecTV Bundles?

Whether you are making a move or you simply want to change your cable TV provider, switching to a satellite option like DirecTV can be a great choice. Unlike cable companies, DirecTV can be installed in your home quickly. With traditional cable providers, you have to worry about someone coming out to lay cable, a process that may take weeks or months. On top of their ability to quickly install a dish onto your home, they also offer a number of extras in their bundle packages that other traditional cable providers simply aren’t able to compete with.

DirecTV bundles come with everything that you normally think of when looking to buy a bundle: cable, internet, and phone service. On top of that, they also have plenty of great options for adding movie channels and other essentials casino to your service. If you are a football fan, then you will love NFL Sunday Ticket, the premier NFL package in the country; also a subscription that is only available on DirecTV.
Getting a great deal on these bundles is simple; all that you have to do is visit the DirecTV website. If you want to get an even better deal, there are a few other things that you can do as well.
Did you know that when you submit a USPS change of address, they mail you plenty of offers for things like DirecTV? These offers often include deals that you might not find by just visiting their website. If you have made a move and are looking to change your cable service as a result, then having these deals when you walk in the door to your new home is essential. Make sure that you fill out […]

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What to do with those Holiday Lights.

Holiday season is over and regular life is kicking back into high gear. For those who don’t do it between Christmas and New years, it is now finally the time to take down any Christmas lights that have been up on the roof or ledge or store away the Christmas tree lights that you just have not gotten around to doing until now.
Due to people looking to save more on utilities, many households are changing not just Christmas lighting, but all lighting in the house to LED bulbs. They are a little more expensive than regular light bulbs but they last much long making them a worthy investment and saving money on electricity bills in the long run. So what can be done with regular Christmas light? Don’t throw them out, reuse or recycle them.
The best thing to do is drape them outside, they are not used so often and lights really add to the ambiance of a back yard, especially on those warm summer nights you enjoy so much. Using them once in a while in the garden will ensure they last a while. If this is not of interest, the recycle them all the way!
There are plenty of companies that will take old lights and rewire them, or take them apart and just use the copper for new environment friendly bulbs. There are also companies that take donations and send out old Christmas lights and ornaments. Some companies provide a trade in event and will even give voucher for 10-25% off purchases of new lights and online casino holiday decorations. That definitely is a better deal than throwing them away.
It’s easy to recycle and live green. Get in touch with Kandela […]

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Finding a Contractor that Doesn’t Con.

When moving, building or renovating, one needs to ensure they are hiring reliable and efficient contractors. There are so many out there and it’s hard to know who is reliable and who is a scammer or has shoddy workmanship. It can also be hard to evaluate if a contractor is over charging or lying about previous work and credentials. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there willing to swindle others. So what can be done to avoid being scammed?
First and foremost, home improvement professionals are bets found through word of mouth. If friends or family members have had work done in their homes, the best bet is to ask around for good recommendations. Even better research is to ask tradesmen in the industry. Ask your plumber for a tile setter he trusts immensely or a general contractor whom he is happy to recommend. Asking within the industry guarantees honesty. These people have done work together at some point or another, they know how other work in their trade and are willing to put their own reputation on the line to vouch for the validity of another contractor.
Door to door contractors or high pressure contractors are a no go! Both of these are red flags and such contractors should be shown the door. When they are coming to your home to tell you about a “Today only!” offer, this is a form of pressure. You should never feel pressured into making a decision about choosing your contractor and spending your money. This can lead to bad decisions. Some of these door to door salesmen are not contractors at all but work in pairs. While one takes a homeowners on a house inspection, the […]

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Picking the Perfect Location for Your New Home

When thinking of moving, there is so much that needs to be considered. There are moving companies to research, change of address for all subscriptions and mail that needs to be tended to and there is much to be done regarding finding the best TV deals and top internet providers in whichever new area one is relocating to.
First and foremost is finding that perfect location. If one is moving due to work or a new job, it narrows down the area selection but there is still much to reflect on when choosing a place to settle down, whether permanently or temporarily.
Identify what you are looking for. Is a city home preferred or something more suburban? Do children or pets factor in to this move? Scout out favorable areas by researching online or driving around different neighborhoods. If a home away from the bustle of the city is favored, then look into transport options. Buses and trains casino online make a commute so much easier if stations are walk able and close. If it is a bit of a drive from the home, ensure there is a station with all day parking to make any commute a little more manageable.
If you intend to live there part time and rent out during the year, ensure you are near offices, city life, malls, restaurants and parks. All these may not be your priorities but they will definitely add to the price when it comes to renting out to others.
Choose a location that is close to a hospital and schools or vets if necessary.
Before moving, check out if there is any large construction being planned in the vicinity. Be aware of shopping complexes, schools, metro rails […]

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Saving Money On Utilities Without Feeling It

Everyone’s ideal goal is to save money on utilities. Thank fully there are new technologies available everyday so that costs can be cut around the home, allowing for extra finances towards that family vacation everyone was looking forward to or just  to bulk up a savings account. However, new technology can be expensive and therefore not affordable for the average homeowner or renter.  Home automation is expensive but can be done on the cheaper side and even then it is just too much for some.  Here are some ways to cut down utility costs for the household on a budget, while still enjoying good quality of life.
Television drains a large amount of money on a monthly basis, depending on a household’s preference of Cable or Satellite.  Saving money in this area can mean dropping some loved channels with some superfluous ones by downgrading your package to a more affordable one. However with free downloading via the internet and great sites like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, almost all shows are available to watch for free or less than $7.99 a month via the internet. These do not have to take away the quality of TV time though. By investing in an HDMI cord, your computer or tablet device can be hooked up to the TV screen and all these shows can be watched like they are on TV at that moment.
Lighting is another large wallet consumer.   If even a cheaper automatic lighting system is not on the agenda then there are other ways. LED light bulbs are becoming more and more popular due to their long lasting effects. A 13 watt LED light bulb will shine brighter and last longer than a regular 60 […]

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Don’t Get Buried in Junk Mail

It does not matter how many signs are up on the mail box or how many times one moves houses and changes an address, junk mail has become unavoidable. There are only so many hours someone can stay on hold, waiting to be removed from mailing lists. There is only so much patience one has when receiving pre approved credit card application after application. Not only does it waste the time of mail box owners, but the amount of paper that is used for junk mail and catalogues is downright bad for the environment.
The best way to avoid this is to get onto the do not mail list. For a dollar at the local post office or online for free you can become a part of do-not-mail lists that are maintained by the major marketing associations that distribute the major mailing lists, avoiding a large percentage of junk mail.
Another way to avoid junk mail is to ensure you do not put your phone number or mailing address on surveys or raffles, even if they seem legitimate. These are sent out to large mailing lists and call lists, allowing you name and address to be available for junk mailers and telemarketers.
Some junk mail is unavoidable. Mail that is addressed to “Resident” or “Our Friends At:” is distributed by postmen all along their route and they cannot legally determine whether or not to slip in to a post box that does not want junk mail. They must deliver such mail and the only way for you to get off those lists is to search for an address or number on that piece of mail to request being removed. This should not be difficult, as many people […]

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Having a Smart Home and Smart Budget? It is Possible.

When people hear home automation, the first thought that comes to mind is big budget. Certainly it must cost a lot to have everything in a household automated with the ability to be controlled remotely. Fortunately it is possible for one to have a smart home and stick to a budget within reason. Here are some ways to get the best of both worlds.
One must first determine how much energy their home is using per month. Equipped with this knowledge, it is easier to see where and how costs can be cut to include home automation. Then determine what is best to incorporate into the home. Is it a priority to control all appliances from across the globe or is something more simplistic ideal? Once these goals have been defined, home automation can begin. It is also wise to plan home automation installments in phases. Starting too big is costly and overwhelming. Starting small with basics and priorities will save money and can always be expanded at a later date when the time and price is right.
One of the biggest energy drainers is lights. It’s easy to say turn off lights when the room
is not in use or use natural sunlight when possible but realistically, especially for large families or families with children, lights will be left on when unnecessary or simply forgotten to be switched off. The simplest way to solve this problem is to incorporate a controlled lighting system in the home. This can be done without the expense of control outside the home. Floor plans lighting system can be put in by the front door, where lights in any room can be switched on and off when exiting and entering the […]

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Creating Your Dream House

Chances are, you’ve had a change of address a couple of times in your life. There are starter homes, fixer-uppers, and old homes that many people choose to move in to for countless reasons. However, there is always that “dream home”. It can be an overwhelming task to move into a house and to attempt to create the ultimate dream home…which is why Kandela is here to help!
There are several small steps or “quick fixes” that one can take to create their dream home without breaking the budget. For example, painting a casino online room a different color could liven it up, switching out light fixtures could change the look of a room, and adding paintings or pictures in a room can personalize it. While these quick fixes are helpful, more substantial additions to creating your dream home such as furniture or new rooms, can be costly and time-consuming.
Fortunately, Kandela can assist you in this tedious process. Any home service that you need, whether it be a home security system, homeowners insurance, or cleaning services, we are here for you. Kandela offers a free concierge service to clients. What does that mean for you? Well, you will have access to an individual who can set up these services for you. You don’t have to deal with customer service agents or long phone calls – the concierge will do that for you. This means you will have more time and energy to plan and decorate your dream home. It’s a win-win situation!

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Ring in the New Year with Savings!

As the holiday seasons draws to a close and the New Year is welcomed in, many people are gearing up for the following

winter months. Home owners and renters are anticipating large electricity bills that accompany the cold months. Here are a few tips to help out those looking to cut costs this winter.
First and foremost, turn off fans when done, especially bathroom and kitchen fans. These fans are found to suck out heat from a whole house just from being on for approximately an hour. The only exception to this is ceiling fans. Heat rises and if ceiling fans are left on low, they disperse heat without giving off a cold breeze.
Turn down the thermostat as often as possible. Studies show that with each degree a thermostat is lowered, 3% of the heating bill is saved. As such it is wise to turn the thermostat down at bed time and even off when at work and school. This leads to the next tip;
Dress up the house with extra warmth. Invest in fluffy rugs for cold floors, warm throws for the couches and extra thick blankets, bed spreads or even electric blankets for the beds. This may seem like a lot of money to spend at once but it is an investment. A little extra money now saves months, even years of savings on lowered electricity bills.
This also goes for personal warmth. Deck your wardrobes with Uggs, thick socks, warm sweater, robes and pajamas. Wearing more layers allows for extra warmth at no extra cost.
Fire places are the perfect image for a colds winter night. Everyone envisions cozying up with their loved ones, with a hot cup of tea and a movie in front of […]

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