At this time of year, large companies and entertainment empires, like DirecTV, fill everyone”s minds and surroundings wathcing tvwith “Holiday Time Deals” “Holiday Season Specials” and all kinds of promotions. There are up to 80% reductions, price slashing, buy one get one free events and last chance sales. It is seen from retails, to restaurant reservations, cars and entertainment. Tis the season to buy Christmas gifts for family, Hanukah presents for friends and splurge on that perfect outfit for New Years Eve.

However unlike all other industries, DirecTV gives it’s customers these opportunities ALL YEAR LONG. DirecTV is always looking for new ways to make customers happy, satisfied and get the most for their money. Their special offers are not seasonal and their money saving deals are not dependent on which holiday or event is around the corner. Some may say DirecTV’s offers are like Christmas coming early, but closer to reality is DirecTV is like Christmas never left and the festivities continue all year long.

One of DirecTV’s most popular perk is the three months free HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax channels that come with all packages, including their lowest priced! If viewers become attached to them after three months of free viewing, the channels can be added for a small fee. Another great deal DirecTV offers is a 100 DirecTV prepaid gift card visa with any order of these packages; Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, Premium.  These four packages also offer a a FREE genie upgrade when purchased.

The Genie is only available from DirecTV and allows TV viewing in every room of the house, without an additional receiver being hooked up in each room. One of Genie’s great features is the ability to record any five shows at the same time, all in HD, as opposed to two at a time. No longer is there such as recording conflicts. Genie also allows a full terabyte of recorded shows. Favorite shows are not needed casino pa natet to be watched and deleted urgently to make room for more. Genie will recommend shows for viewers based on what they watch and enjoy and will even record priority recommendations to allow for instant viewing while also giving full access to all On Demand Television.

Right now, DirecTV is having their end of year sale where savings can be found on all their packages and bundles. Now is the time to lock in DirecTV as your TV provider, but fear not, because if this is a missed opportunity, DirecTV still has fantastic prices when this promotional period passes. Because DirecTV wants you to be happy all year round, not just during the holidays.

Kandela Concierge services can help you choose which DirecTV plan or bundle works best for you. Call a personal concierge to weigh up all your options and avoid being on old or figuring out a good time for installation. Kandela can take care of it all and is happy to work closely with DirecTV to guarantee customer satisfaction.