When moving, building or renovating, one needs to ensure they are hiring reliable and efficient contractors. There are sogeneral-contractor-reviews-building-plans1 many out there and it’s hard to know who is reliable and who is a scammer or has shoddy workmanship. It can also be hard to evaluate if a contractor is over charging or lying about previous work and credentials. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there willing to swindle others. So what can be done to avoid being scammed?

First and foremost, home improvement professionals are bets found through word of mouth. If friends or family members have had work done in their homes, the best bet is to ask around for good recommendations. Even better research is to ask tradesmen in the industry. Ask your plumber for a tile setter he trusts immensely or a general contractor whom he is happy to recommend. Asking within the industry guarantees honesty. These people have done work together at some point or another, they know how other work in their trade and are willing to put their own reputation on the line to vouch for the validity of another contractor.

Door to door contractors or high pressure contractors are a no go! Both of these are red flags and such contractors should be shown the door. When they are coming to your home to tell you about a “Today only!” offer, this is a form of pressure. You should never feel pressured into making a decision about choosing your contractor and spending your money. This can lead to bad decisions. Some of these door to door salesmen are not contractors at all but work in pairs. While one takes a homeowners on a house inspection, the other scouts out the place to come back at a later time or pockets some valuables around the house. Don’t let door to door contractors or someone handing out flyers for contractor work into your home easily. Ask for a business card and tell them you will get back to them.

When given a business card, be wary of the details. A contractor business card with
a PO address and no physical address is more likely to scam you. A local home address will ensure he is has a place within the community and less likely to move out, change his address and disappear with your money.

Even when dealing with a reputable contractor disagreements can arise. Start this business relationship with a contract. This can be done easily and it protects the interest of both parties.

A contractor who demands cash only may be a good worker and you may feel it’s not your business how he conducts his finances or shirks his taxes. However, consider how else someone of that character may cut corners that can affect you, like skipping building permits, licensing fees or reliable workers. Do the proper research.

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