How to Get a Clean Home with No Effort Tired woman cleaning

Cleaning is less than thrilling. It has to be done and it’s usually dreaded, whether it’s spring cleaning or the run of the mill load up the dishwasher for the tenth time that day.  There’s a fantastic saying; “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing” But this doesn’t just refer to children, it’s everyone. Whether single with house guests, a family of ten, just you and a spouse or a dog owner- there is always mess and cleaning is the last on everyone list of favorite things to do. The proof is everywhere, as cleaning ladies have become a staple in households all over the world and when someone who can’t afford the luxury falls into some cash- hiring someone else to do their dirty work (literally) is usually the first thing they do.

Kandela could post a whole article with tips on where to start cleaning. Is it better to start with the kitchen or the living room? In the kitchen is it better to wash dishes first or sweep, clean the counter tops or load the dishwasher (again) or just learn to clean as you go? Where to begin in the living room; the mounds of mail and collection of leftovers on the coffee table or the toys and laundry scattered all over the floor? Whatever the preferred process, the end result is a great feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind. They don’t say cleanliness is next to godliness for nothing!

Now imagine that end result without going through the cleaning process. Imagine a dust free room and gleaming floors, a sanitary sanctuary fit for family and  friends to gather, relax and play. With no work! This is where Kandela comes in. Our concierge service can arrange whatever cleaning package you need, all for free! If it’s a team of maids for a full house clean service or just one to help  wash dishes before a family dinner, or even just to get carpets steamed or floorboards polished, Kandela can hook you up. Our reliable and understanding personal concierges will tend to your every need so you can have a healthy, happy and hygienic home. Without the hassle, hard work and heartache. Kandela will take the mess out of your hands and home and do so happily, free of charge.