How to Ensure You Have the Best Home Securityhome_security_system_doormat

When recently moved to a new home or area, one of the first things  to think about is security and family safety. Peace of mind is necessary when it comes to homes and loved ones and unfortunately it isn’t a perfect world.  Where to start? There are window bars that give the feel of a maximum security prison and there are guard dogs that wake up the entire neighborhood when they see so much as a fly.  But these methods of security have given way to video cameras, motion sensors and keypads. Word is that wireless security systems are the up and coming systems that are a must have. There’s a lot to consider depending on  location, the size of property and the format of each home.

There are some basics in home security that seem obvious but are overlooked way too often. Sure, locking the front door when exiting is remembered most of the time but how about when arriving home? Locking the door when at home is just as important!  Peepholes are a must have on all exterior doors. It’s not enough to hear someone’s voice. Peepholes allow a secure view of any unsavory behavior that could be taking place outside a home with the intent to break in.  If looking for a cheap method of security and don’t want to splurge on an electronic system, do not be stingy on door locks. Potential intruders are able to break through the flimsy cheaper types, so invest in some heavy duty dead bolts. Good quality equals good security!

With high percentages of home burglaries and unlawful entries, it is wise to look into some up-to-date systems.  With thousands of home security companies to choose from, how do you choose which one is right for you? Most people make this decision based on who is standing at their front door trying to sell them a system. But the security of your home and family is not something that should left to chance, so here are a couple of best seller home security systems:

Vivint Home Security is top rated. The Vivint Home Security System includes a touchscreen panel, a motion sensor and three door and window detectors. They have a free app for remote operating, smart phone access, a key fob and many more features. Their basic packages are well priced and their higher packages include higher amounts of the above mentioned features, plus lighting controls, automated doors locks, non-emergency alerts and many more. Vivint also provides a great solar program along with their home security systems for an additional cost.

FrontPoint Security is another favorite. Their packages include intrusion sensors, cellular link control panels and home automation. They offer 24/7 monitoring and instant security alerts. FrontPoint Security’s range of features cater to every budget when it comes to home security.

Equating the multitude of options is unnerving and scary! Kandela is here to provide you with your very own concierge who can help you decide what system provider works best for your safety and how to get it at the best price. We take care of calling the company you chose with the help of your Kandela concierge and take care of arranging installation. You don’t need to wait around and you don’t need to wait on hold. You don’t even have to try and find the right customer service representative to answer all your questions and concerns. Kandela has your back!