Why You Need Great Home Insurance  insurance

Getting insurance can be a royal pain. Until something awful happens and everyone is relieved to have it.  A lot of money is paid to insurance companies each year and a lot of the time it’s for nothing. This is great when actually thought about, but it really can put a dent in pockets.   However, some things in life are priceless and therefore, well worth the cost. Accidents and disasters can and do happen, and if  not adequately protected, it could leave people in financial ruin.

A home is one of the biggest investments made in this life and homeowners insurance is a must.  Whether it’s from a natural disaster, an accident, or a home intrusion, home owners insurance will protect the home and belongings.  If possessions are stolen or damaged, a homeowners or renters insurance policy will allow recovery of their value. If someone is injured during an accident in one’s home, their insurance can help protect them in the event of a liability lawsuit.

If  renting a place, chances are the landlord of the apartment or home being rented has insurance, but it probably only covers the building  – not  personal possessions or personal liability for accidents.  Renters insurance is surprisingly affordable and a great way to ensure peace of mind.

Whether you need homeowners insurance or renters insurance, Kandela is here to help. Your personal concierge will connect you with our network of insurance contacts who will provide you with quotes from top carriers that are tailored to your specific needs and budget.