Moving and Storage Made Easymovingstorage

When moving, the huge amount of time and effort the process will take needs to be considered. There are so many things to take care of like moving with pets, moving with children, where to get the best deals on boxes and how to pack everything effectively.  In all the hubbub of moving,  everything you have been storing all this time can easily be overlooked. The best way to deal with this is to hold a garage sale. This minimizes what is taken to any new home and what will be moved in regards to storage. Anything that has been collecting dust in a storage facility or home and is likely to never be used again, should be sold in a garage sale. This is also a great way to occupy any children while all the packing takes place inside. Anything leftover can be transferred to a new storage facility closer to a new location, or remain in its current facility if the move is not too far.

All these details are overwhelming but that’s what Kandela is for. With one call, Kandela can take care of all moving and storage needs. A personal concierge will find  the best storage units for the best price and help with everything related to moving, like changing your address, the best local internet options, DirecTV packages that are affordable and the best TV and phone providers. Call Kandela today!