Set Up Home Phones with No Hassle


With cellphones becoming the standard form of communication, people are forgetting the convenience and need for a home phone. For those who know it’s value and are eager to resume using them are faced with an endless amount of choices and options. Like anything else, considering how and why you use your home phone is necessary.

The greatest way to figure out the kind of phone plan is needed is to deliberate which features are most frequently used and when. A lot of phone companies charge for certain times of the day, more than the free minutes you can use at night. Everyone needs a phone company who best rates are at the time they most use the phone.

Who and where you call most also has an impact on this decision. Are the majority of  calls local or international? Need a plan that allows calls to multiple different places overseas? If only calling one local targeted area, it’s possible to find a plan that offers the cheapest charges for that zone. But how to find that perfect plan? Then there are the phone features and add-on options to think about, like answering machines, call waiting, caller ID and much more. Is it a personal preference for callers to leave you voice messages when their calls are unanswered? If yes, do you have an up to date machine for such purposes? Is it inclusive in the  phone plan or does the company charge a small fee for this service? Making long phone calls resulting in other callers not being able to reach you? If so, look into call waiting. Even if that is not the case, call waiting may come in handy if there is an emergency. If there are children or elderly relatives in the picture, that is also a reason to look into call waiting.

Once all these questions have been answered, there is still a sea of phone companies and plans needing to be sorted  through and it’s not easy. There’s also the option of bundling your services. It may not be worth it if you use your phone a lot but have no need for a TV or high speed internet. How to discern if it worth it or not? Kandela has a concierge just for you. We will assign you your very own concierge to take care of all your phone needs and decisions. We can help you through the sea of questions and the unknown and find the best phone plan or bundle service that caters specifically for you.