How We Help You Choose and Set Up the Best TV Provider


When moving, one of the biggest hassles is changing your TV provider or  finding the best  TV provider. Left on hold for hours, transferred from one customer service representative to another until finally connected through to someone who can help.  Still problems arise; they don’t understand exactly what is wanted or the desired packages are over budget. It’s time consuming, confusing, frustrating and feels kind of endless; and that’s after crossing the huge hurdle of deciding which TV providers will work best.

That in itself is a huge decision. Besides the regular packages of extra sports or movie channels, consider whether it is worth it to bundle your services. This is a choice that needs to be made regarding phone and internet services too. This decision making process has just escalated to status:  overwhelming.

Once the calls have been made and appointments set, now comes the waiting home all day during the six hour appointment period. The installer is running late, he’s missing a vital piece or the cords just aren’t compatible. There is just one thing after another that can turn anyone off the pleasure of watching television forever!

It would be great to have a professional’s help every step of the way. An expert to assist with package decisions and compare the latest and best services from cable and satellite providers.  Someone to find what’s best without the hassle, when it comes to  TV providers and explaining it all in layman’s terms.

Kandela has the solution. Kandela is the solution. Kandela concierge service will do all this. It is no longer a necessity to speak to multiple strangers who just don’t understand, for hours on end. Kandela is the middle man- emphasis on the man. Customers can now able to speak with one concierge who is well versed in television, to not only help make decisions, but carry out the work load as well. All it takes is one call to one very helpful and knowledgeable concierge.