How to Save Money on UtilitiesUtilities

When moving most people believe the easiest way to handle their utilities is by transferring their current services to their new home address. This is not the case.  It is wise to look into the cheapest prices in any new area. Even if the move is just a small distance away,  there are always better and cheaper options  to peruse.

The objective of Kandela is to save customers time and money. Time is a huge factor when dealing with large utility companies. There are long stages of waiting on hold, a high rate of transferring from one customer service representative to another and a waiting period that can last up to a few weeks to get an appointment, after which someone needs to stay at home all day because they are not specific with scheduled appointments. Kandela simplifies utilities for  customers, break down expenses and help find services and providers suited to any budget. Utilize Kandela to save time to spend with family or concentrate on work and more pressing matters that arise when moving.

Kandela will help choose the best arrangements when it comes to water, gas, electricity, trash pickup and much more.  No longer do you need to listen to that horrible music while on hold and  no longer do you need to dread getting an unending electricity bill in the mail. Kandela will set up everything  in the utility department.  Kandela concierges are reliable and attentive and best of all, our service is free!

Kandela has a personal relationship with many utility companies, allowing  exclusive prices and a guarantee of a stress free process. We help select and then we connect.  Kandela is a service that saves you time, money, and stress, all while offering access to the best rates on utilities.