How to Choose the Best Movers and Moving Companymoving-trucks


Moving is highly stressful. Packing up a life, a family, a home and leaving familiar territory. It’s even more overwhelming trusting someone with an entire life’s worth of contents. So how to know which movers are best for the job?!

  • Start with a lot of research. Look into at least 10 companies that have been referred to or found online. Research their histories and experience and look for all kinds of reviews or customer testimonials online.
  • Also ask friends! Everyone knows someone who has moved and friends can be way more reliable than a nameless review online.
  • Read up on moving scams. Get equipped with knowledge of the industry so it doesn’t happen!
  • Be thorough. There are a lot of consumer sites that have complaint registries. Located there is advice and tips from people regarding companies that the moving company will not be posting on their website. Other experiences, whether good or bad, can help make your move easier and help you avoid making mistakes.
  • Set a budget. What’s an ideal monetary cap for the moving company? Do their services include packing and boxing up your belongings or just loading and unloading? Once a budget has been set,  get estimates from the companies that have been researched to see if they fit into the financial plan and choose the one that is most affordable.
  • Estimates can be confusing. Make sure to ask if there are any hidden fees or extra services that may be charged for, as sometimes the final bill can be more than double the estimate! Don’t get stuck, find out what you COULD be charged.  Be sure to also discuss insurance fees and coverage, in case your belongings get damaged, lost or broken while in the mover’s responsibility.
  • Make sure all statements and contracts signed are understood and consented to. Learn some key movers terms or get them to explain it in a way you understand. Either way the fine print should not be ignored or misunderstood. That could end up costing  a lot more than initially planned.
  • Make sure the moving company is driving in a distance within their limit. Nobody wants to find out that they’ve were charged more for an extra long haul because the right inquiries regarding parameters were not made.
  • Exchange numbers with the head of your moving company and the worker in charge. They need to be reachable at all times during the moving process in case of emergency. Don’t be afraid to be on top of things. You’d rather be a little pushy and on top of things, than arrive at a new house with half of your life missing!
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