Advice for Moving Day download

Moving is never easy no matter what the living situation, whether single or part of a large family of 12 or anything in between.  

It seems simple enough; pack everything up and go. Don’t underestimate the various details and steps that must be undergone for any move to be remotely smooth.

Before starting anything, a checklist is needed.  There are no exceptions. If  single you need the moving checklist for the bachelor, if a family of  5 or more, then you need the moving checklist for the large family and Kandela even has a moving checklist for pet owners and moving checklists for teens.

There is no better way than setting goals and checking them off one by one. Organized and a sense of accomplishment; it’s the best way to dive into packing and making the move more manageable. Luckily we can provide you with one that pertains specifically to you. But there are general tips that apply to everyone. For example: be smart about how you pack. Heavy things go in small boxes and pack lighter things in big boxes. Disperse weight properly because the last thing needed when moving is a hernia after picking up two boxes.

Another useful pointer to remember; the  closer you get to moving day, the less shopping you should be doing. We’re not talking about retail therapy- that can be very helpful.  However in regard to grocery shopping , less is better. Use what is already in the house.  Finish those open boxes of cereal and half empty pasta packets. Also start finishing up what’s occupying the fridge and freezer. Buying more means transporting more. Leave out a lot of plastic goods as you start packing away dishes and kitchenware. Make life easier and treat the family to takeaway that last week before the big moving day. No hassles of cooking, cleaning or packing up leftover foods.

It’s hard to keep living normally when  preparing for a big move so here is another tip to make life a little easier during this stressful time. Designate an area in the home for essentials. There are so many things that are used daily up to the very last moment, in what is soon to be your old home. It can be a table, a closet, the floor of the den or even the spare room. Pack a suitcase as if you are going on a trip with clothes for a couple of weeks and plastic essentials. Once all that stuff  is in your designated area, start packing up everything else, furniture included. It is wise sleep on mattresses without bed frames for a few nights and as mentioned before takeout dinners are definitely advised.  It doesn’t matter if the move is four miles down the road or to a different state, these tips can help anyone who’s moving anywhere.

The best advice for moving is to call Kandela. With a personal concierge assigned just to you, the moving process is now easier than ever before! Anything moving related, from cleaning services to solar energy or insurance and moving companies, Kandela will find you the best prices and deals, all for no extra charge.