Moving Checklist For Pet Owners dogs_in_boxes3


All clothes, furniture, dishes and personal belongings are packed.  Moving isn’t easy but being on top of it all is possible. But wait, moving can also be hard for pets. Not just the transition to new home but the actual day of the move can have a lot of added stress for a pet owner.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • First and foremost, keep a week’s worth of pet food and medication on hand in case of emergency. If moving far and need a vet or a prescription, a good vet or vet relationship may not have yet been established. There won’t be time in an emergency to make these snap decisions, so be prepared.
  • Remove pets from all the bedlam of packing. Find them a secluded spot; a kennel or a quiet bathroom and let people know there is a pet in there who should not be disturbed. A disturbed pet will disrupt the moving process and add unnecessary stress.
  • If  moving far enough that a new vet is needed, don’t forget to get pet’s veterinary records. These will be necessary if any pets needs new vaccinations or medical attention. Have any old vets number on hand in case a new vet needs more information, and make sure to change your address in case  records or prescriptions need to be sent to a new address.
  • Depending on where you are moving, the journey may take more than a couple days. Plan ahead by finding pet friendly hotels or motels.  Keep food, a leash and plastic bags on hand at all times.
  • Find the best way for certain pet’s to travel. A crate or well ventilated carriers are both highly recommended.  Leaving a pet in the back of a flat bed truck or in the storage area of a moving van is unsafe and they are open to theft or running away.
  • Make sure throughout travel you are sticking to pet’s regular eating schedule. You pet will be confused enough as it is, don’t make it worse by not feeding them or giving them a little fresh air when it’s due time.
  • Take care of updating any pet’s tags. Pet’s should be wearing a sturdy collar with updated information including  name, new address and a contact number. Pets will be in unfamiliar surroundings and could potentially get lost. Avoid that.
  • When arriving at the new home, the first thing to do is set out whatever’s available to make pets feel at home. A litter box, sleep basket, food water and toys and anything else your pet relies on to feel safe and settled.
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