Moving Checklist for Bachelors guy_moving_boxes


Whether it’s a bachelor moving into another pad or in with a loved one, the steps are pretty similar.

  • Call Kandela. Our concierge service is free and we will do everything you dread. You will be assigned a personal concierge who will arrange movers, TV and internet services,  packing and storage if needed, utilities, cleaning services and anything else you need done for your  move.
  • Throw a party. This is the best way to get rid of all those chips and beers stocked in your apartment. It can be a going away party or a moving on party. Point is to clear out the kitchen the easiest way possible.  One good last clean up before you leave is needed anyways,  so why not preempt it with an awesome get-together?!
  • Start filtering. If  moving in with someone, a few things may have to be left behind. Start by making piles of what to keep and what to throw away or store somewhere else. The weeding process will allow a start fresh. Even if the move is to another bachelor pad, starting out with less means less clutter.
  • Label boxes clearly.  There is nothing worse than going to unpack and seeing  the label “box of stuff”. Make  life easier and pack similar items together and label them as such.
  • Double check insurance. Whoops,  the  movers  just dropped  flat screen . Are they going to pay for it? What about the moving company? Unfortunately, you are if the mover doesn’t have enough insurance. Find out from the moving company what the deal is before hiring them. Side note: if you have  mates helping you and this happens, then it is definitely not covered. It’s worth it to hire a good moving company.
  • Inventory.  This list is mega important.  This is a way of keeping tabs on everything  and making sure it arrives at the final destination.  Check the list as items are boxed and loaded and again when they are unloaded. Don’t let mover rush the process, everyone has a right to know where their belonging are. It’s far easier to find a missing item on moving day then a month after moving in and it’s realized the box with all the college shirts is missing.
  • Pack a survival bag. For moving day to go as smooth as possible, pack  essentials needed for the big move. A change of clothes, a bar of soap, a screwdriver, a phone charger, coffee, a can opener and some Tylenol are just a few things that may come in handy and make moving more manageable.
  • Last but not least- if it’s irreplaceable take it  in the car! Avoid regrets later from  trusting a stranger, even one from a reputable moving company, with valuables. Think smart and pack smart. Good luck with the move!