Moving Checklist For Teenagersteen

Moving homes is stressful enough for anyone. But moving homes with a teenager can be the closest thing to torture that can be experienced.  These are critical years for a teen and the slightest news or change can result in a rather dramatic reaction, especially if the move results in changing schools. Here are a few things to hopefully help with big move with the least amount of tension:

  • As soon as  it’s an option to be moving is known , discuss it with and  teenage children. Ask for input and opinions on locations, schools and homes. Make it very clear from the beginning that their contributions are appreciated and everything will be taken into consideration even though the final decision remains with the adults.
  • Don’t assume a teen is upset about the move straight off the bat. Sit down and discuss with him or her how they are feeling, the pros and cons and anything else they may be experiencing, that they may feel will be disrupted by a big move.
  • Try to keep your patience. Teens can be sulky, unhelpful or try to convince parents out of the move. Remember they are dealing with a variety of social and psychological issues that adults are not. While being calm and patient with  teens will usually have better results than not, do not let any kid induce feelings of guilt about this change. This is a part of life and they have to accept it as a part of life.
  • When hunting for a new home, take teenagers with so they feel they are a valuable part of the process. Take into consideration their needs and wants like moving close to a park, a community center or a mall. This will make the following moving process easier on everyone involved.
  • If a teenager’s biggest angst is moving away from friends, make sure after the move that the first thing after setting up you essentials, is arranging phone, internet and TV providers. Teenage children will be able to call or video chat his or her good friends and keep that connection alive, as well as relax with his or hers favorite shows, resulting in less resentment towards parents and the big move.
  • Find activities and social groups near the new home before the move. The less any teen knows, the more anxious they will be. Fill them in on all the possibilities of the new area and social programs they can potentially be a part of.
  • Make a time in the near future for teens to visit their old hometown, maybe a weekend at a friend’s or a day out for the whole family. Having this to look forward to will brush away some of their concerns about moving to a new place and away from familiar surroundings.
  • Get them involved- jobs like packing and labeling will not only help everyone in the moving process but also stop your teen from stewing away in anger. Set up a goal and reward system for your teen every step of the way while moving and that will make life easier. Remember; it’s not bribery if it works!  Good luck!
  • An alternative is to take advantage of your personal concierge at Kandela. We can take care of all your moving needs including packing and free change of address. This frees up your time to spend time with your teen and ease his or her angst. With one call to Kandela you can have everything taken care of for no extra charge!