Packing Up Your Lifecouple-w-boxes

It’s not what you pack,  it’s how you pack. That’s the most important thing to remember when packing up a house and belongings for a move. Most people don’t realize that packing is like a science and one slight mistake can result in valuables being damaged or broken. Here’s a few tips to help.

Make sure to put heavier items on the bottom and lighter, more delicate items on top. This ensures a smaller chance of  any lighter belongings breaking during the move.

When packing, make sure the boxes are the right size, after procuring the best deal on moving boxes. If a box is too big, valuable space is wasted in the truck or car. If said box is filled to capacity, there is a  risk of storing too much weight in one place which can result in the carrier getting hurt or the box breaking from too much weight.

Pack items close together. They will act as buffers and prevent shifting during the move. This means less chance of breakage. If it’s hard to fit items close together due to weird shapes or non complimentary items, use tissue paper or bubble wrap. All these things need a layer of cushioning so they don’t move and break.

Try to bulk similar items together. It’s not smart to mix items from different rooms; it will just make unpacking more tedious. Keep linens separate from dishes and  library books separate from shoes. Although linen does make for good cushioning if its not a bother to have it scattered throughout  moving boxes.

If a box or carton is rattling, bulging outwards or bending inwards, then it has not been packed correctly. Rattling means it needs more cushioning or another item to fill that space. Bulging out or caving in implies that there is too much or too little in there. Rearrange some things and pack like it’s a jigsaw puzzle. Everything’s got to fit nicely.

One way to make  life easier is to use wardrobe cartons. This way clothes can be left on hangers and they arrive at their destination wrinkle free. This saves time packing up clothes off hanger into boxes and saves money on boxes and dry cleaning services. Ask each moving company what they can offer.

Small tip: remove bulbs from lamps, batteries from appliances and make sure to empty the water from the iron and the gasoline from the lawn mower. All these things will make the move easy and safe.

Pack “load last” boxes right before the movers arrive. This should have linen from stripped beds and any last essential items used in the bathroom and kitchen. Once in the truck last, they can be unloaded first in the new house and made available for use right away.

It is advisable to also have a “load last” box of cleaning supplies. This box can be used in both the new home and the old home. This way an old place can be left  in the best condition with some last minute cleaning when everything is packed up. These supplies can also be used at the new place for anything that might have been missed or any item that may have gotten dusty or grimy during the moving process.

Another tip is to call Kandela. With one call you can acquire your very own concierge who can do all this for you, for free! Your personal concierge will find you the best company for you that will help with packing, boxing, shipping and moving. It doesn’t cost you anything but it does give you peace of mind and time and energy to focus on other things.