When you’re moving, you need to look ahead and think about what you’ll need when you move into your
new place. Most importantly, you need to think about the home services you’ll need.

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The most important home services are:

  • Internet services: The top internet providers are very efficient. It’s pretty easy to get your Internet service hooked up to your new
    place. All you need to do is notify them of the date and address, and they’ll have the service up and running for you when you move in. If you really plan ahead, you can even get them to come the same day as the movers, so you get all of your setup done in a single, arduous day.
  • TV services: For some reason or other, things like TV services are usually the ones you forget to organize before you move in. It’s a really good idea to make sure you’ve got your TV service nailed down and ready to go at your new address. If you’re lucky, and have good TV services like one of the DirecTV bundles that you see advertised from time to time, you can just notify DirecTV and everything will be set up online, allowing you to simply calibrate your satellite in your new home.
  • Phone services: You may or may not use a phone service at your home, but if you do, make absolutely certain that your service is connected in advance. If you’re a home business, in particular, and use a package of telecommunication services, you need to lock in a date, so you’ll be ready to get your business up and running when you arrive.

A must-have: Your USPS change of address form

Your USPS change of address form is a very useful catchall. It’s a very good way of making sure that your mail doesn’t go missing, because there’s always the risk of somebody sending you something while you’re actually in the process of moving. It’s also a good way of finding anyone who doesn’t have your new address on record. Many companies will take change of address notifications (they receive these every time that your mail is forwarded to your new address) and change the address on your account, something that can save you a lot of time.