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It’s amazing how far technology has come in so few years. For decades, the promise of a smart home has seemed just too far out of reach to really make it a reality. More recently, home automation became a great new trend, but for the most part the technology was only accessible to those who had a lot to spend, huge amounts of domain knowledge, or both. Today, you can choose to integrate a lot of these ‘smart home’ technologies in your own home. They are easier and cheaper to set-up and operate, and even the simplest technologies can help you add great new features to your home.

Smart Controls

The pride and joy of the smart home community has been the integration of ‘smart controls’ into the home. These controls will let you turn your lights on or off from anywhere, but they also have a number of other great features. You can set your lights on a schedule, perfect for when you are out of town. These systems can also adjust the heat and air conditioning in your home, reducing it during the day when nobody is home and increasing it just in time to make your home the perfect temperature when you walk in the door.

Smart Security

Do you want to keep an eye on your home when you’re away on vacation or for business? Before smart technologies, you would have to call a friend to check on your home, an inconvenient solution at best. Now, it’s easier
than ever to install video surveillance both outside your home and indoors. This video surveillance can be turned on
or off at any time from your secure account management system, accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer.

More importantly, you can access this system from anywhere as well. Whether you want to make sure that you turned off the lights or you want to keep an eye on your home to make sure that everything is OK, it’s never been easier than with a smart security system.

Adding this technology to your home is simpler than ever. Many of these systems can be installed without tearing down the walls or rewiring the heating system, so add smart controls to your move in checklist today.