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Take Advantage Of Home Automation Tools In Your Next Move

It’s amazing how far technology has come in so few years. For decades, the promise of a smart home has seemed just too far out of reach to really make it a reality. More recently, home automation became a great new trend, but for the most part the technology was only accessible to those who had a lot to spend, huge amounts of domain knowledge, or both. Today, you can choose to integrate a lot of these ‘smart home’ technologies in your own home. They are easier and cheaper to set-up and operate, and even the simplest technologies can help you add great new features to your home.
Smart Controls
The pride and joy of the smart home community has been the integration of ‘smart controls’ into the home. These controls will let you turn your lights on or off from anywhere, but they also have a number of other great features. You can set your lights on a schedule, perfect for when you are out of town. These systems can also adjust the heat and air conditioning in your home, reducing it during the day when nobody is home and increasing it just in time to make your home the perfect temperature when you walk in the door.
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Ready, Set, Home Services!

The Best Move-in Happens with an Easy Home Services Set Up
When moving, it’s pretty easy to overlook very basic things like notifying home services of your address change. You’re usually so busy that you can’t easily keep track of all the other things you need to do. The best approach is to simply make sure that your change of address notifications are given well ahead of time.
The easiest, and certainly the simplest, way to manage change of address notifications is to simply prioritize your home services. Put them at the top of your change of address checklist, and make sure you send out your notifications early.

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What to do with those Holiday Lights.

Holiday season is over and regular life is kicking back into high gear. For those who don’t do it between Christmas and New years, it is now finally the time to take down any Christmas lights that have been up on the roof or ledge or store away the Christmas tree lights that you just have not gotten around to doing until now.
Due to people looking to save more on utilities, many households are changing not just Christmas lighting, but all lighting in the house to LED bulbs. They are a little more expensive than regular light bulbs but they last much long making them a worthy investment and saving money on electricity bills in the long run. So what can be done with regular Christmas light? Don’t throw them out, reuse or recycle them.
The best thing to do is drape them outside, they are not used so often and lights really add to the ambiance of a back yard, especially on those warm summer nights you enjoy so much. Using them once in a while in the garden will ensure they last a while. If this is not of interest, the recycle them all the way!
There are plenty of companies that will take old lights and rewire them, or take them apart and just use the copper for new environment friendly bulbs. There are also companies that take donations and send out old Christmas lights and ornaments. Some companies provide a trade in event and will even give voucher for 10-25% off purchases of new lights and online casino holiday decorations. That definitely is a better deal than throwing them away.
It’s easy to recycle and live green. Get in touch with Kandela […]

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After the Move; Making a Home Warm and Livable

After a big move, it is safe to say there has been a lot of change. Besides the regular change of address and change of physical location, it is very common that a lot of home goods and furniture was thrown out, given away or sold at a garage sale. Less is more when moving and anything that isn’t loved or won’t fit in the new home is worthless to drag along. After unpacking the essentials and what did make the cut for the big move, it is normal for sheer exhaustion from the move to set in and one just doesn’t have the head for accessorizing their home or shopping for new furniture to fit the layout and palette of the new home.
There are a few easy tips to ensure a home is furnished nicely, while still on a budget and without draining all your time and energy.
Heavy materials such as metal and iron should be avoided. Besides being dangerous for children and pets, iron furniture does not compliment all houses. Opt for wood furniture. There will always be a kind of wood that will look good and warm up any room, whether dark or light.
When styling one room do not ignore the general vibe and architecture of the home. A Spanish style house should not have modern furniture placed all about it even if the vibe of a specific room is leaning towards modern. Use subtle pieces for such room that work with online casino the stylr pof the home as well as the room.
When choosing outdoor or patio furniture, be wise. While high end furniture can really make the garden a permanent hangout, consider that all outdoor furniture is subject […]

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What is Home Automation Exactly?

Home automation has become a reality. People have gotten over the buildup and skepticism of home automation and it is becoming a staple in the majority of homes. What was once a futuristic idea, seen in sci-fi movies and novels, is now the norm. Home owners and renters now have the ability to control anything they want in their home from anywhere.
Watching TV from the couch and changing channels with a remote also became the norm after it was invented in the 1950’s. But it was revolutionary and technology has not let us down as time goes on. Then technology gave us clap lights, a system to control lights if not next to the switch through the sound of clapping hands when entering a room. How much more could be controlled through technology? The answer is; now, almost anything. Home automation is taking it to a whole new level of control and convenience. How many time is one in bed before remember they forgot to lock the front door? Or turn off the tv in the living room? How many times has someone had to go back home for fear they forgot to turn off the stove or iron? Home automation is the solution to all of these overlooked details.
So what exactly is home automation? Home automation is a system of either wireless control or control via cable wire and motion sensors, of all the electronic appliances and settings in a home. Most home automation systems are a combination of both. Anyone can have the convenience and control they want while ensuring a safer home and saving money.
Home automation allows owners to change setting as they desire, or set a certain schedule […]

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The Things Concierges Are Asked For:

Concierge services vary in their actual service area. While concierges all have one thing in common, doing tasks their clients do not have the time or the expertise for, they also differ in what services they offer. Hotel concierges cover the most ground when it comes to diverse requests. They are required to cover all hotel guests’ requests and that category goes above and beyond room service, restaurant reservations and booking cabs. Even above and beyond, what could be so outlandish? Most people ask for warm towels, a bug free bed and maybe a reservation at a high end restaurant that is impossible to get into without a six month waiting list. Continue reading “The Things Concierges Are Asked For:” »

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What Can You Use a Concierge For?

A concierge’s main priority is to relieve stress. In today’s society there is a great need to balance a stress free home environment and work place.  There are concierge services for anything imaginable. Whether it’s finding out where the best steak is in the city, or walking the dog when you are out of town, concierges aim to meet every need. Many business professionals, large scale companies and even non working individuals are using concierge services because having an ally to help you with all your responsibilities is priceless. Today, more people have less time for everyday tasks, and many of them are happy to rely on personal concierges, even if it’s just for groceries.
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Why Using a Concierge Has Become The Norm:

Concierges used to be associated with the rich and or the famous. People doing
tasks and jobs for you seemed like quite a luxury and found in five star hotels, all inclusive in the large sum paid to stay there. Then concierges became available to the public, no longer just for high society. However, this service was used rarely by the middle class, either around holiday times when overwhelmed with stress from work and holiday planning or occasionally for middle class families to plan once off events, like a large family reunion or a vacation getaway. Why not splurge as part of those holiday expense
s and have a third party take care of all the nitty-gritty details?
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Home Automation

Manage your home from anywhere! Lock your doors, turn off lights, adjust your thermostat, arm your
home security system, connect to video surveillance, and much more – from your computer, tablet, or
smartphone – no matter where you are.

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