Concierges used to be associated with the rich and or the famous.concierge People doing
tasks and jobs for you seemed like quite a luxury and found in five star hotels, all inclusive in the large sum paid to stay there. Then concierges became available to the public, no longer just for high society. However, this service was used rarely by the middle class, either around holiday times when overwhelmed with stress from work and holiday planning or occasionally for middle class families to plan once off events, like a large family reunion or a vacation getaway. Why not splurge as part of those holiday expense

s and have a third party take care of all the nitty-gritty details?


However concierges have evolved along with our needs. Now concierge services are mainly free for all the littl



etails that pertain to everyone’s lives. Whether moving out of town or just need a good cleaning service after a great house party, concierge services are just a call away. You can get assistance with USPS change of address, in house cleaning services, choosing and setting up the best TV providers and so much more.

This service is free because concierge services benefit from companies they refer and set up. No longer do you need to be wealthy to afford such a personal assistance service because it doesn”t cost anything. Concierges are available to people of all walks of life. Whether you are a business man with no time to call a plumber, or a working mother of three relocating, who doesn”t have time to arrange all her packing and moving needs, concierges are now easily available at a just call away.

Kandela is one of these concierge services. You can be assigned one person to deal with everything you need. From USPS free change of address, to finding out if home automation is ideal for you at a price you can afford, Kandela will help you with all your options and then arrange what you have chosen, through the major service provider companies they have personal relationships with. Call Kandela today and save yourself some time and money!