Concierge services vary in their actual service area. While concierges all have one thing in common, doing tasks their clients do not have the time or the expertise for, they also differ in what services they offer. Hotel concierges cover the most ground when it comes to diverse requests. They are required to cover all hotel guests’ requests and that category goes above and beyond room service, restaurant reservations and booking cabs. Even above and beyond, what could be so outlandish? Most people ask for warm towels, a bug free bed and maybe a reservation at a high end restaurant that is impossible to get into without a six month waiting list.Fish pedicure 5

Concierges have an unwritten rule “of not saying NO unless it is illegal, immoral or unethical.” So it’s no surprise what range there is between warm towels and “illegal, immoral and unethical.” The sky is the limit! There are accounts of concierges being bombarded with bizarre requests; however confidentiality is taken very seriously in the concierge industry, while many requests that are not so strange still require discretion, especially for high profile guests.

Concierges like Kandela do not come across such requests on a day to day basis. When dealing with home services it’s hard to be asked for something outrageous. Kandela sets up clients with moving companies with good rates, home automation systems, cleaning services and DirecTV packages and bundles. Unlike other concierge services (besides hotels) Kandela is free. Concierge medicine costs and so does a personal concierge for help to organize a home and run a business. Kandela is one call and hooks clients up with all their home service and packing/moving requirements.


Here are some concierge requests that are just mind blowing:


“Recently an A-list actress from a top-rated television series was staying with us and asked us to provide a personal steamer for her room. At Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, we strive to fulfill any of our guests” needs that will ensure they have a comfortable stay, so of course we had the steamer waiting in her room when she arrived. No problem, right? Except that despite being asked to leave the steamer in her room when she left, she took it with her.”– Rana K, Director of Public Relations, Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego

“We had a guest who requested a specific room because of the effect the sun at that angle had on their aura.” — Laura V, Sales Manager, the Eliot Hotel

“We once had a guest that was in town for a massage therapy seminar and asked if he could give some of our associates massages so that he could practice. That was one request we had no problem granting!”– Kelli C, E-Commerce Manager, Roosevelt Hotel, New York

“We had one woman who wanted us to arrange a pedicure with fish that seemingly nibble the hard skin around your toes! And then we had a gentleman who wanted to be christened on Culloden Battlefield because he was convinced he was a Jacobite reincarnated!! We said no to the fish but yes to the christening — a retired minister did it for £75.” — Stephen D, General Manager, Culloden House, Scotland

Luckily Kandela doesn”t get these kinds of demands so they have the time to offer you their full attention and help you for your big moving day as a new homeowner or renter. Call today!