Home Automation That Makes Your Life and Home Easier home automation

Home automation sounds scary, like machines replacing human in basic activities. But this flare of technology in the recent years has quickly become the king of high tech and far from replacing human touch. It gets people involved with its technology, allowing  settings that are specific to them, resulting in peace of mind that they are arriving to a safe and secure home, looked after even in they’re absence.

Getting past the excitement of this advanced technology, one needs  to consider what it controls and why it is perfect for every home and individual safety.

Home automation gives one full authority over a home’s lighting from where ever, whenever. It is no longer necessary to enter a room to flick the switch or turn on a lamp. It’s now possible to control individual or multiple lights in one room from the garden, from the garage, the supermarket or from a vacation point on the other side of the country. Nifty, right?

Cameras, audio system and access control are other features offered  through home automation. But unlike the old kind of camera security, where the tape is replayed after an intrusion, this is revolutionary! It’s possible to  log into a camera feed from any location, at any time, just to check in or due to a personal alert that has been set. These alerts can come from a potential intruder setting of a motion sensor, a rise of temperature that is suspicious or from a water leak in your basement that you were unaware of, and anything in between.

Open, close, lock and unlock all doors in the house from miles away. No longer worry twenty minutes into a trip, if it was remembered to lock up the house. Even better, there is no longer the need to worry if the stove or the iron was left on. All these settings are at homeowner’s  fingertips!

Phone, Cable, wireless, entertainment systems, irrigation and thermostats are just some of the many features also included in home automation. It’s as overwhelming as it is unbelievable. This is the future of home security!

If these snazzy features aren’t impressive enough, then deliberate why such a system is needed. First there is the convenience that home automation offers. Whether at home or across the country, there is now the ability to control and regulate almost all devices and appliances in a home. We don’t even think about how easy our lives are that we are able to switch on the air conditioner from across the room or change the TV channel from the couch, all with remote controls. Imagine that from ten blocks away with light switches, audio systems and heating? Warm up the shower heater five minutes before arriving home in the winter and cool down the house minutes before getting home in the dead of summer!

Then there is the safety advantage. Home automation is always on guard and ready to safe guard the house, alerting owners if something is wrong. It’s a personal team of bodyguards- but way more affordable! Home automation takes security to the next level.  It’s not just a black and white video monitor anymore; its property wide surveillance for more than just potential intruders. Get alerts of gas and water leaks, emails if there is unwarranted motion and 24 hours access to most home automation providers in case of emergency. Turn on the lights  home from two minutes away, in time for arrival. The feeling of safety experienced when coming home to a lit house without wasting money by leaving lights on all night, is priceless.

Home automation can come from many providers, many of which are solar friendly, saving money on utilities as well as time.  Don’t be disheartened by the many choices of features, packages, prices and providers. Kandela has become well versed in this up and coming technology and our concierges are happy to help with any and all home automation requirements and requests. We will find the best company for you with the best prices, and schedule installation as an added convenience.

Though such technology is quite complex, it remains completely flexible and user friendly, making for a fun experience.  High-tech products for the home are fun to use and share with others. Whether viewing visitors at your front door on your TV or tuning your stereo by using voice recognition, you’ll find home automation surprisingly enjoyable, just like your experience with Kandela and our impeccable concierge services.