It seems obvious that when you move, you may have the opportunity to get a better deal on something simple like your cable bill. You may have even factored the increased number of cable providers into your move, and if you’re being honest with yourself you might even say that picking up one of the TV packages with NFL Sunday Ticket was towards the top of your moving checklist.

What most people don’t think about is another great opportunity to make money when they move. You may not realize this, but many times you can actually change your utility provider to another service and save money in the process.

Options for changing your utilities.

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There are other utility providers?

Well, not always, but in many areas there is built-in competition for your business. While there is a main utility provider that may operate within your service area, there are likely many other smaller providers that offer the exact same product (natural gas for example) at a far lower price. Because they are not well known, most people don’t even know that they exist.

Think about what your last gas or heating bill was, and now imagine if that could be lowered, even by a single percent, for every month that you lived in your new home. How much could you save?

If you’ve moved before, you probably have set up everything related to your move. You found your new TV package, you hired your movers (or you did it yourself), and you even called the power and heating company to turn on your service. How many things on your moving advice checklist are costing you money every single month without you ever knowing about it? Do a bit of research now and you might be able to save yourself from making a costly mistake down the road.