We all have at least one friend who likes to do everything for themselves. When you go to a restaurant, they would rather be in the kitchen cooking their meal than out at the table waiting to enjoy it. This type of hands-on approach is often considered ‘right’, because having the knowledge and the experience of doing things yourself is a great life skill.

Apartment building move.

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Unfortunately, we can also take that idea a little too far. While knowing how to do things yourself might be helpful in some situations (like changing a flat tire when you break down in the middle of nowhere), in many others it can cause us to waste valuable time on tasks that we know how to do, but that aren’t worth our time in the first place. Unfortunately, that point of view can often look ‘lazy’ to those people who do everything for themselves, but it isn’t, and here’s why.

Think about it this way, if you’ve moved before then you have likely had to call and set up your cable subscription. Should you waste hours trying to figure out what subscription is best for you in your new home, scheduling the appointment, and negotiating rates? While you could, your time is often best spent elsewhere, like packing your belongings so that they don’t break during transit, or adjusting your schedule so that you can spend more time unpacking and organizing, or just finishing up your moving checklist.

More importantly, few people care that you took the time to set up your own cable subscription, as long as the signal is clear and the internet is fast. Having someone else take the time to find and set up each of your home services may initially seem like the ‘lazy’ approach, but in reality it’s simply a smart use of your time, especially with Kandela.