We love to read about people who are on the top of their game. It doesn’t matter whether their game is business, sports, or even just building the world’s most intricate Jenga tower, the level of dedication that these professionals show is an incredible motivator. How can you learn to be like them? What did they do to make it to the most elite level of their field? What was the one thing that set them apart from so many other people?

Top quality of highly effective people

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While luck does play a factor in many successes, there is another factor that many of the top performers in their field exhibit: focus. It isn’t just about focusing on doing the right things in their profession, but it’s about eliminating online slots the other things that distract them from doing the best job possible. For a swimmer like Michael Phelps, that may involve spending many hours in the pool every single day. What you don’t see is that he is only able to focus at that extreme level by having someone else prepare his meals for him.

Richard Branson is another person who is operating at a high level of success. You may argue that he is an outlier, as his companies operate in a number of vastly different businesses across the world. In fact, the Virgin Group is one of the industry leaders in everything from wine sales to space travel. However, this entire company was started when Branson focused on building up just one business: a record company. While he was probably preparing his own meals at that point in his life, his ability to focus on just one aspect of his life can be considered as one of the keys to his success.

You can do the same exact thing in your own life. Instead of wasting time on things that you aren’t great at (or that you don’t enjoy), work with someone to have them taken care of for you. We can guarantee that you will be much better off, and probably much happier with the outcome as well.